“Development!” – What does it mean for a community? RecTech~Garfield explores the issue at 23rd Ave. & S. Union St.


The RecTech 2013 Summer Interns.


The RecTech~Garfield’s 2013 Summer Internship focused on Digital Storytelling as taught by Seattle University Anthropology students.  The “Development” of the Midtown Center at 23rd Ave. & S. Union St. was chosen to explore the effects on the current businesses as the property which houses them is planning for the future.

Over the course of 8 weeks each intern partnered with SU students as  guides to learn the start-of-the-art in digital storytelling.  After the SU workshops, each intern profiled a business willing to participate in producing a digital story to illustrate the effects the development may have on the individual business owners, property owners and community as a whole.

A Community Laundry,  Political Campaign HQ,  Alcohol Dispensary, Barber shop and Beauty Salon share similar fates as the Intern’s attempt to understand this simply complex issue.  Each story is available below.

Matt M. –  Liquor Store

Alisha I. – Earl’s Cut-n-Style

Chanel R. – Mana Beauty Supply & Salon

Erika E. – La Coiffure Salon

Fate S. – A Community as a whole

Jazmine P. – A Political HQ

Oshea B. – 1st. Cup Cafe

Zahra H. – The School Effects


Youth Media Institute Begins!

Max and Dean filming at Experience Music Project

Max and Dean filming at Experience Music Project


Setting up to film an interview in the Blue Room at the Experience Music Project with Todd, Olivia, Cole, Lucas, and Derrick.



Youth Media intern Derrick Slaughter, EMP Education Director Jonathan Cunningham, and Youth Media intern Lucas Capestany


Teens Tutor Seniors

wesIn April, we launched an exciting new inter-generational program here at the  Delridge Community Center RecTech lab. High school seniors signed on to provide on-on-one tutoring for adults over 55 to teach them how to deal with specific areas they need help with when using their computers and the internet. Teens received community service learning hours they needed to complete before graduation, and our senior adults got some great, individualized tutoring. I asked one of our terrific teen tutors, Wes, to write something about his experience for other teens who might consider signing up to be a tutor next fall and this is what he wrote:

“I was apprehensive when I volunteered to tutor seniors at RecTech’s “Teens Tutor Seniors” program, but soon came to realize that it’s an extremely worthwhile experience for both seniors and students alike. Tutoring seemed daunting to me at first, but it turned out to come remarkably naturally and easily. I discovered the thrill of getting a complex point across, and I was forced to rethink some of the basics about the technology that seem like second nature to me.
The seniors are delightful. They are passionate about their tutelage, and they are full of interesting stories to tell. Though most of the time you spend together is spent teaching them the basics of internet tabs, Facebook messages, and folder organization, often conversations grow, and a genuine relationship is created. Depending on the senior, it can be educational (and fun) to practice their abilities in internet navigation by exploring articles or other resources.
My advice to future tutors is to be very patient, and gently remind them whenever they’ve made a mistake. Avoid the urge to take command of the mouse and do the actions for them. You should explain it to them, and then let them find it by themselves. A lot of the trouble that these seniors have comes from people rapidly accomplishing tasks on their own machines that they can’t comprehend, and it’s best to avoid it.”  Pictured here is Wes tutoring Marcia.

Youth Media Interns win MOHAI Film Contest!



RecTech Youth Media Interns at Delridge CC were awarded a prize at the Museum of History and Industry’s “History Is __” Short Film Contest for the second year in a row! Interns Allison Charoni, Liban Mohamud, & Cheyenne Fenton won the Youth History Award for their stop motion film “History is Her Story.” The May 11th gala screening, awards presentation, and reception was enjoyed by all.  Congratulations to the RecTech Youth Media Institute, and special thanks to Allison, Cheyenne, and Liban for their dedication and hard work!

In late May you will be able to view our short films from this year and last, along with all of the MOHAI winning films, at a kiosk in the museum’s fabulous new exhibit, “Celluloid Seattle.”

Vote for our Youth Media film!

Winter quarter RecTech Youth Media Institute teens at DelridgeCC  worked on creating short films that finish the statement “History Is ____” for the Museum of History and Industry’s annual short film contest. We entered one short film that was done in time to meet the contest deadline called “History is Her Story” by Allison Chaboni, Cheyenne Fenton, and Liban Mohammed.  It’s a charming stop-motion film that makes an important statement about women’s place in history.  Please support our filmmakers!  Go to the link below, click on page 8, and vote for film 75!  Before April 30, people can watch and vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award here:  Direct link: http://mohai.indieflix.com/entries?p=8

Allison, Cheyenne, and Liban working on "History Is Her Story Too."

Allison, Cheyenne, and Liban working on “History Is Her Story .”

RecTech teens participate in KCTS Young Makers program

In conjunction with the release of MAKERS: Women Who Make America, the KCTS9 Media Lab provided a platform for youth to tell the stories of local women who have inspired them. In partnership with several youth organizations, including the RecTech Youth Media Institute at Delridge CC, participants learned storytelling skills as well as how to shoot, produce and edit video in to tell a digital story.  RecTech instructors helped with  mentoring and instruction.
RecTech teens Ishwaq Dakane and Allison Chaboni each created films about women they look up to. These photos were taken at the final event at KCTS9 on April 12th where all the Young Makers screened their films. We hope to have their films up on our VIMEO site soon and will post the URL when they are ready to be viewed.Allison_crpIshwaqMic_crp



Basic Engineering Workshops Start Up at South Park

Gonzalo, Greg, and Sergio assemble pieces of Legos

RecTech Teens at South Park began building and programming a racecar using Lego Mindstorms NXT in January.For the first session, participants grouped in pairs for a quick activity called the Peanut Butter and Jelly (PB&J) Sandwich challenge. Pairs typed up directions on how to build a PB&J sandwich, and then assigned a ‘lead’ and a ‘builder.’ Their mission was to build a PB&J from start to finish–taking bread out of the bag, opening the jar of PB & J, to putting the slices together in the end. The purpose of this activity was to engage students in thinking critically when giving directions as well as to learn how to lead and be led. Although only one out of four groups built a sandwich without a hitch, everyone enjoyed PB&J sandwiches with their peers.

After completing the PB&J Sandwich Challenge, students picked out a project, arranged themselves in specific roles: ‘assembly’ (in charge of putting together pieces), ‘assembly manager’ (in charge of making sure pieces are in correct place), ‘director’ (in charge of leading assembly line with directions), and film (in charge of documenting progress). In addition to building and programming Lego Mindstorm projects, be on the look out for a short stop-motion animation film on their progress soon!

Dan, our Electrical Engineering volunteer, shows students the voltage meter

We also started offering basic electrical engineering workshops this month. Thanks to Dan, a local South Park Teen Programs volunteer, teens learned to build mini electromagnets and began to brainstorm ideas on how to build a small electric car (using household items). Next week, teens will ramp up production of these small electric cars to prepare for the mini-car race and the electric scooter rodeo sometime in March. For examples of mini-car projects, please visit: http://www.bestoutreach.com/albumtt.htm.

RecTech YMI teens create films at SIFF Crash Cinema!

Allison and JJ work with Cheyenne to edit their film while Asgodom, who played the part of Bobo in their film, looks on.

RecTech Youth Media interns attended a full day “Crash Cinema” workshop at SIFF, the Seattle International Film Festival, as a way for our winter quarter teens to jump in and get hands-on experience in short film production. The teens were given prompts for their films that all participants had to use: the genre was Film Noir, one of the characters had to be named Bobo, a slice of bread was used as a prop, and everyone was required to use this line of dialogue “I’ll give you a million bucks to stop crying.”

Each group brainstormed a script in the morning, then filmed and edited it in the afternoon. Teens from all over Seattle participated and nearly filled the SIFF theater at the end of the day when we all came back together to screen the short films the teens produced.

Allison, Cheyenne, and JJ decided to edit their film in black and white and use French subtitles to add to the Film Noir atmosphere. Their film, “Larmes de Sang,” was conceived, shot, and edited in one day.  You can view this impressive first effort at https://vimeo.com/rectechseattle. Please let the teens know how much you like their first film with a comment here or on our VIMEO site!