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Winter quarter RecTech Youth Media Institute teens at DelridgeCC  worked on creating short films that finish the statement “History Is ____” for the Museum of History and Industry’s annual short film contest. We entered one short film that was done in time to meet the contest deadline called “History is Her Story” by Allison Chaboni, Cheyenne Fenton, and Liban Mohammed.  It’s a charming stop-motion film that makes an important statement about women’s place in history.  Please support our filmmakers!  Go to the link below, click on page 8, and vote for film 75!  Before April 30, people can watch and vote for the Viewer’s Choice Award here:  Direct link:

Allison, Cheyenne, and Liban working on "History Is Her Story Too."

Allison, Cheyenne, and Liban working on “History Is Her Story .”

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