RecTech Digital Media Internships

RecTech Summer Internships for teens combine job training in digital media skills with arts like story-telling and music in a supportive professional environment. Guided by professional instructors and mentors, students engage in project-based learning and civic engagement, working with and for other community-based organizations. Participating teens earn community service hours and a monetary stipend. Stay tuned!

Summer Internship information and applications will be posted in May, 2014!

Past Internships Include:
Youth Media Institute @ Delridge Community Center: Creating Digital Stories           Film, Audio, & Visual Media
The RecTech Youth Media Institute Internship provides you with the opportunity to learn valuable technical skills while engaging with community projects. Students will produce individual and group projects as well as create digital media materials for local nonprofits. Learn to express yourself using digital, audio, and visual storytelling. Help create public service announcements and other media for organizations that contribute to a socially responsible world. Guest speakers and trips to film at off-site locations make this an exciting, engaging, and fun learning opportunity as we explore the history of protest music and rock in the northwest.

Sampling History: Hip-Hop Music Production @ Rainier Community Center
Hip-Hop production can take reference from various genres of music including, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Soul, and Blues and is often an amalgamation of multiple sounds and “samples” collected from sonic works of the past. In this course we will research the roots of sample based production, walk through the process of beat-making, and piece together original compositions. Students will tell stories through hip-hop/digital media and have the opportunity to also learn and hear from videographers, emcees, graphic artists, and promoters in addition to hip-hop producers and DJs. See work from past Rainier RecTech students here: and

Social [Media] Responsibility @ South Park Community Center
What is Social Media? How does it affect society and our daily lives? Gain valuable insight on how to effectively use Social Media to further your goals, create a positive impact in your life, and your community. Throughout the summer, interns will learn how to use various online tools, software and social media outlets to complete individual and group projects, as well as engaging in training workshops on leadership, public speaking, community building, and effective communication. You can be a leader in your community, and RecTech can help you learn how!

Summer Youth Media Program @ Yesler Community Center
Discover your expressive voice through photography and video at the Yesler/RecTech Summer Youth Media Program. You will learn a variety of media and communication skills while creating original works that examine the diversity, complexity, history and future of the Yesler Terrace community, with an emphasis on the potential impact of the Yesler Terrace redevelopment project now in process. Learn, communicate, and make a difference with RecTech at Yesler this summer!

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